paintings and illustrations

The following pages show collections and series of paintings and illustrations.

The Inside

I made this foldable painting in 2019. You never know what's on the inside!

an acrylic painting an acrylic painting

Office space illustration (contest winner!)

This is a single piece projetct that I made for the illustration contest of the The Millionaires Club's 2019 Comics & Graphics Festival. My illustration on the topic "office space" actually won the contest and I received a nice little prize package!

an office space illustration

Self portraits

A series of self portraits that I've been drawing since the spring of 2018.

a self portrait

Big acrylics

Technically, not all of these are "big". I have applied acrylic paint exhaustively to different materials. This collection is growing since 2017.

an acrylic painting named 'Clown'

Cycle of the moon

Small series of paintings inspired by the cycle of the moon and elements.

an acrylic painting of a yurt

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